Hot Stone Massage

Senseless stones seemed strangely attractive not only by appearance but also the energy contained in those with the ability to awaken emotions and senses. Hot stone massage acts on the human body as waves caused by tiny vibrations, generated by the difference or change in temperature, which enhances the body’s energy through deep and stimulating activities graving heavily, the body is important. Thus, hot stone massage also works very well in the blood circulation in the body, relaxing, stimulating the relaxation, helps the body to excrete toxins, reduce muscle tension, nerves, down regulates the blood and reduce the fatigue, especially to add new vitality to the human body after hours of work stress. In addition, energy from hot rock when combined with a variety of different aromatherapy also help cure a number of diseases such as nephritis, degeneration of the spine, remove wrinkles, fat and slim as the body … their natural ability also brought unexpected effects in the treatment of the issue of human health.

Stone can absorb toxins from the body, reducing inertia, balanced mentality, antidepressant treatment and support issues to the muscles, bones, joints. Massage stones are not the same size will take on different roles in TV, leading the heat on certain acupuncture points in the body. Hot stone massage is considered as effective remedies help the body recover energy, mental clarity, relieve stress and longevity. West back to that energy from potentially unstable rocks and change the mood of the people. That’s why they have known since ancient times heated stones to the body and then compresses to relieve fatigue of muscles, bones. Today hot stone massage has become a popular service being to beauty care and improve the center for rehabilitation therapy.

Hot stone massage is very popular especially at transfer weather. Imagine after a stressful work week, you look to the magic stones and skillful hands to activate their energy on the body are tired. The heat of the stones has been blended herbal oils, the raw materials indispensable in the process of hot stone massage – is gently sliding push, rub, press, rub or hot brewed on graving and muscles would help restore the balance, fatigue and new renewable energy sources to you again brimming with confidence returning to the everyday busy life.


Implementation: First prepare the technicians put 12 stones in the bed so that when the client lying down with stones in the right position along the spine grave – over 12 stones towel covered 1 layer will then guide Nan hotel ratings available wild rock. 2 living stones held in the palm – 1 stone on the belly – 8 stone sandwiched between the toes – 2 stones endure the heat medium and placed on the eyes of the customer. The continuous movement on the whole the stones are to the right place will help attract and direct vented eliminate toxins in the body due to prolonged accumulation. Combining acupressure makes the nerves out soft and elastic, soothe body aches. The technicians will continue to use massage stones along the spine, shoulder, belly to stimulate digestion, blood circulation and finally the neck and scalp massage with cold stones to stimulate emotions and spiritual senses to pleasure you and more sprightly, tender manipulation, induces softness to your body and soul steps into space absolute relaxation.
Make an attempt to feel the magic of the stones and enjoy a wonderful sense of space in a flowing fragrance of the natural oils.

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